Juice Review: StrawLemon from Sorbet Pop

I’ll admit that I was a bit biased when I first received this.  A box from Known Distro always promises good quality when it hits my doorstep, and this one had a lot of hype behind it.  Yet the sweet and tangy flavor profile was something to not be taken lightly.

“The fruity sweet treat!  A perfect blend of strawberry lemon sorbet.”

Packaging: The first major key note to this is the gorgeous carton design, complete with gold foil stamping and a huge “WARNING: This product contains nicotine.  Nicotine is an addictive chemical” slapped across the front (thanks FDA…)

The side of the box showcases other flavors featured at Known Distro, including VapeStorm, Primal, Scripted Liquids, Shoot One Blue, and more.  The far back of the box features all sorts of ingredients, warnings, poison control number, bottled by information….and deja vu it’s another nicotine warning!!  Needless to say this carton and the accompanying bottle are very eyecatching.

Flavor: To me this truly exhibits a wide array of flavor profiles that you wouldn’t normally expect in a vape.  The sweetness of strawberry, the tartness of the lemon, the candy type finish of the sorbet.  This is a very potent formula that can satisfy almost any flavor craving you might have and keep your taste buds guessing during the whole day.  As much as I can gripe and complain about how I don’t like fruit or candy vapes, I honestly couldn’t put this down….

Cloud Production: This 70/30 blend actually has some pretty smooth and impressive cloud production.  Not to say that your cotton won’t take a beating from this one (because trust me….it will), but the overall performance still maintained a solid flavor performance even during the final round of the cotton on my RDA.

Bottle Size: 100ml

Nicotine Strength: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg

Final Thoughts: An adventurous note during the summer months, this was definitely a solid choice to change things up a bit on my flavor profiles.  I would almost be willing to bet that you’ll have trouble putting this one down too, even if you complain about how strong the flavors are or how it’s too this or too that….Maybe it’s just time we had a fruit/candy/sweet treat that’s as in your face as Sorbet Pop!

If you guys want to check this out for yourself, be sure to check out vapestorm.com and tell them Coffeefuel sent you.  You can also tell your local shops to order from Known Distro and get this puppy in their shops!


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