An Open Letter to Vapers Across the World

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Greetings to vapers worldwide. Cloud chasers, flavor chasers, dragon slayers, jellyfish makers. You have been a part of something that is monumental in human history. A man-made problem (cigarettes) that became a worldwide epidemic (cancer, emphysema, COPD, etc.) has now been all but defeated by a man-made solution (vaping). A multi billion dollar industry that has ruled a majority of the 20th century has been coasting downhill, citing half as many smokers as there was in 1964.
But there is a problem with this situation. President Lincoln said “A house divided against itself cannot stand” and we are living proof of that. Ask anyone on Instagram or Facebook and they’ll tell you “I don’t like _____ group because of (insert random reason here)”. Some of it may be justified, perhaps a shady action on the part of someone associated with that group. Yet a vast majority of it is silly drama.
Combine this with advocacy groups. SFATA, NBS, AVA, CASAA…these are all separate groups that operate under different jurisdictions. They don’t all run together, otherwise it would be one large group. So the question comes up occasionally “Which advocacy group do you support?” This is a senseless question to what should be the ultimate goal for vaping. Yet it’s being asked.
Guys, I bring all of this up because I see some very scary bits in the near future. If we all remain under separate groups and factions, it won’t take much for these smaller groups to be decimated by regulations and ultimately ourselves. It’s estimated there are 9 million people vapers in the US, not to mention the huge numbers across the pond in the UK and other countries. The one thing we have needed more than anything is to band together as a cohesive unit to educate the public, to support each other, and to eventually come under fair regulations that don’t stifle the growth of a multi-billion dollar “small business” industry. People’s lives are at stake.  Call me crazy, but I think thats much more important than a snarky comment someone made on a Facebook page (don’t you agree?)

I don’t know how this can happen. It’s human nature for there to be some disagreement among large numbers. Maybe we need a leader that can speak for this industry as a whole, to help band together the numbers and work as a cohesive unit. Or maybe we need companies to step up and band together. But guys, if we don’t do something, nothing will get accomplished. And this industry that has brought us together will be a small fraction of what it once was.

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