Juice Review: Apple Cream Custard from LEGIT

“You can make a creamy custard out of practically anything. For this one, we went with Fiji Apples. Mmmmm. You think I’m playing with you? HA! Nope. Grab two bottles of this for the price of one and see for yourself.”

Sounds like a challenge to me.  As much as I love custard flavors, this one spoke to me in volumes (especially considering the flavors I already tried from Hometown Hero).  But considering these guys donate 1% of every sale to Disabled American Veterans (dav.org), I couldn’t think of a better company to talk about on Memorial Day!

Whether you check out the Artist series (showcasing incredible local artists to the Austin, TX area) or take a spin with their Leviathan series, these guys have always paid close attention to detail and creating a superior vaping experience.  But let’s dive into it and see if this Apple Cream Custard truly is legit…

Packaging: It doesn’t get much more obvious than that.  Legit in big bold golden letters, with the flavor profile listed just below the name.  The back of the bottle shows the Hometown Hero logo (HH with a circle surrounding) along with “Supporting veterans with every bottle” text below.  There is also a graphic of an apple and two jugs of cream, further solidifying the flavor profile.  If that wasn’t enough, there’s also text that states “A perfect balance of light, sweet fuji apples dunked in a delicious heavy whipped cream custard” followed by the Facebook/Instagram/YouTube icons and the bottle size/nic strength/PG and VG ratio.

Flavor: There aren’t very many apple/custard blends out there.  Not to say they don’t exist, but they are definitely few and far between.  This bottle takes everything you love about apples (the sweet and tangy) and combines it with a deep rich custard that’s not too spicy.   The custard also helps to add a certain level of throat hit that you wouldn’t expect in an apple vape.  The overall experience is a rich burst of flavor that hits the full range of high and low notes on your taste buds.

Cloud Production: This 70/30 blend has some incredibly smooth cloud production, all while maintaining a very clean cotton profile.

Bottle Size: 60ml bottles (the website sells these as 2 60ml unicorn bottles)

Nicotine Strength: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg

Final Thoughts: This has all the makings to set itself apart greatly from other custard vapes.  Even if you don’t like custard, the flavors are just subtle enough to where you don’t truly notice that it’s custard (unless you read the bottle).  I like the simplistic approach and the huge burst of flavors in this bottle.

If you guys want to give this a shot, head over to hometownhero.com and use the code “coffeefuel82” to save 20% off your order!


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