Juice Review: Boustro from Scripted Liquid

If you were given a series of text where each other line was written in reverse, would your brain be able to decipher it?  The Ancient Greeks used this type of language in a lot of their scripts, and the method was called boustrophedon.  This sort of roundabout language could relate to the journey I experienced when trying “Boustro” from Scripted Liquid.

Let me explain:

Packaging: The simplicity of the packaging is nothing short of astounding.  A simple black carton with the words “Scripted Liquid” across the front, this time in a pink/purple and silver mix.  The right side of the carton shows the name, flavor profile, nic strength, and the lower case letter for alpha (a nod to the Greek alphabet mentioned above).  The far back shows the bottle size, warnings, ingredients, etc.

Flavor: If you guys have been following me for a while, you know my love-hate relationship when it comes to strawberry flavors.  I love them, while my body has a strong disdain for them.  The beautiful part to this is that the strawberry has a slightly more candy/bakery take (almost like an icing when mixed with the marshmallow).  The question comes to which one is more on the inhale and exhale.  My taste buds couldn’t decide, dancing around and around on whether I was tasting more strawberry or more marshmallow.  In all honesty, this curiosity alone kept me from putting down this unicorn bottle.

Cloud Production: 70/30 mix, this has some pretty incredible cloud production on both tank and dripper mode.  My cotton kept a pretty clean profile on this too, which was even more impressive when given the sweet complexity of the flavor.

Bottle Size: 60ml unicorn

Nicotine Strength: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg

Final Thoughts: Strawberry cookie is not something that’s new to the market.  This has been tried again and again.  What makes this stand out so much more is the precision in execution that Scripted Liquid took on with this little bottle.  I personally feel like the dedication to detail shows just how much Scripted paid attention to creating a tasty bottle that doesn’t short change the experience.  Well crafted, and very well executed.

If you guys want to give this a shot, head over to Scriptedliquid.com and tell them that Coffeefuel sent you!


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