Juice Review: Ice Cream Donut from O’So Good Donuts

Ice cream and donuts.  Goes together like…well…that’s not usually a comparison I would make.  Donuts usually feature some type of filling like chocolate or custard.  Yet there’s a bit of a niche in some markets towards fried ice cream.  Maybe that’s the inspiration behind this unique bottle from O’So Good Donuts

“The warm glazed donut you know and love, topped with strawberry ice cream”

Packaging: This starts out with an animated logo, similar to the design from an old cartoon called Rocko’s Modern Life.  This cartoonish logo features the name “Ice Cream Donut” underneath, followed by the bottle size, nic strength, and the large nicotine warning on the front.  The far left side features warnings, along with a “Do Not Leave Under Direct Sunlight” warning.  The far right side features ingredients, a warning for those allergic to nuts, and the Apollo Vapes information in the bottom right hand corner.

Flavor: I’ll admit this wasn’t an obvious strawberry ice cream flavor when I first started vaping this.  Maybe my mind started playing tricks on me, wishing this was a vanilla bean flavor instead.  Yet the sweet ice cream came across as too sweet for a vanilla.  After a bit of steeping, though, the strawberry flavor really started to pop more.  This has more of the strawberry flavor ice cream in the middle, with a bit of the donut on the bookends of the vape (along with trailing just a bit on the bottom, reminding you subtly it’s there).

Cloud Production: This was a wrecking ball on my cotton.  I wasn’t going into this with high ambitions of a super clean vape, admittedly.  This Max VG flavor has some pretty solid cloud production, but nothing that’s super impressive.

Bottle Size: 120ml

Nicotine Strength: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg

Final Thoughts: I have the utmost respect for coming out with a different sort of donut flavor that hadn’t been widely attempted.  This was a very enjoyable vape for me, flavor-wise.  Yet the one major complaint I have is the fact that I got vapers tongue pretty seriously about halfway through the bottle and had to move onto something else.  Again, after letting it steep a little bit though, that flavor really started to pop and the vapers tongue wasn’t nearly as serious.

If you guys want to give this one a shot, check out Apollo Vapes by clicking the banner below.  Don’t use the promo code listed on the banner.  Instead use the code “WELCOME” to get 20% off your first order!  While you’re at it, make sure to tell them you heard about this through coffeefuel.net!

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