Juice Review: Menthol flavor

Working two jobs has had me at my wit’s end over the past few weeks.  Not for lack of trying, but content-wise there really hasn’t been a whole lot of time to write about articles.  But that got me thinking…

What if there wasn’t enough feedback on the FDA’s survey about flavors?  I know it sounds crazy, but what if the estimated amount of vapers across the US did absolutely nothing to give the feedback that’s necessary to keep flavors that we love on the market today?

Go ahead.  Search for any flavor you want in the search bar above.  Or check out the huge list of companies featured.  Now imagine every one of those flavors gone.  No warning, just “poof” and off the market.

That’s why it’s so important for you guys to pay attention to the posts people put about surveys like this, along with CASAA‘s calls to action.

Click anywhere on this line to take the survey.  This is the last day to submit your comments, so it’s now or never.

Otherwise, you’ll just have two flavors to choose from.  Tobacco or menthol.  And neither one of those got me off of smoking.

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