Juice Review: Pablo from Rich Eliquid


As part of this month’s VapeBox, this little bottle grabbed my attention immediately.  Not sure if it was the flavor, the packaging (or a combination of both), this wouldn’t let me put it down at any point.

The flavor description on my menu card describes it as “blended coffee beans with elegant creams”

Packaging: This fat glass bottle features a wooden cap surrounding the dropper bulb.  The label is a simple, yet elegant label with the Rich logo in gold letters against a black background.  The flavor name and nic strength are just below that.  The far left side features warnings, while the far right side briefly describes the flavor and includes an ingredients list and Prop 65 warning.

Flavor: Coffee, coffee, coffee.  A slightly sweeter and smoother coffee blend than a lot of other blends I have tried.  The cream isn’t too terribly sweet, and the coffee isn’t too harsh either.  This also has a pretty solid throat hit, which seems to be missing from quite a few coffee blends as well.

Cloud Production: 70/30 blend.  This doesn’t do a whole lot of damage to your cotton, despite the sweetness featured in this mix.  (That just goes to show you the sweetness is in the flavor, not in the additives).  Cloud production is pretty remarkable as well.

Bottle Size: 60ml

Nic Strength: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg

Final Thoughts: Of course I would be drawn to a coffee flavor!!  But to me, this helps to establish a baseline of what to expect from a product line.  The throat hit might be a little too much for some, but personally, a solid throat hit without being too harsh is the key that kept me off cigarettes.  Well played guys!

If you want to check this out, click the banner below.  Also, this was featured in this month’s VapeBox.  If you guys want to subscribe, head over to vape-box.com or click the banner on the side to support this website!

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