Month: April 2018

Juice Review: Menthol flavor

Working two jobs has had me at my wit’s end over the past few weeks.  Not for lack of trying, but content-wise there really hasn’t been a whole lot of time to write about articles.  But that got me thinking… What if there wasn’t enough feedback on the […]

Juice Review: Tribal Turtle by Tattoo Vape

I always wanted to get a tattoo.  In my mid 30’s, a tattoo seems to be further and further from my mind.  Yet recent events have spawned even more discussion about tattoos.  First there was the discussion about tattoos in the upcoming Vapun magazine, then there was a review […]

Juice Review: Pablo from Rich Eliquid

As part of this month’s VapeBox, this little bottle grabbed my attention immediately.  Not sure if it was the flavor, the packaging (or a combination of both), this wouldn’t let me put it down at any point. The flavor description on my menu card describes it as “blended […]