Premier Vapor and Lounge


Guys, I am constantly trying to keep my eye out on two things for you.  One, good juice to try and two, juice at a fair price.  I found this deal that is nothing short of spectacular, but I will be completely honest when I say that I haven’t tried the juice yet.

But I will.  And those articles will be shared here at!

  • Millenial – If fruits and candy are more your speed, check out the Millenial lineup.  They offer a blue raz, icy watermelon, blueberry/strawberry mix, among a few others.
  • Mr. Cheesecake – Like you would expect, it’s cheesecake blends with a little twist on three different blends
  • 5 Star – This is the more savory lineup (and probably the one I will be taking a look at first).  Desserts and baked goods galore.

There are many other lineups beyond just these three.  But this gives you a solid impression of what’s available on the site.

Click the banner below and use the code “savenow” to get two 120mls for $22.  Guys, these normally go for $35 a piece!!  If you decide to check this out, please leave a comment on the order that you heard about them from

Millennial 240ML deal



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