Juice Review: Oracle by Prophet Premium Blends

A few weeks ago, I was checking out a review on Red Fox Vape’s YouTube channel where she compared the salt nic vs regular on a brand called Prophet Premium Blends (video located here).  The first thing I noticed about this was the bright yellow box with a cryptic logo on the front (little known fact: yellow is used intentionally in advertisements to grab people’s attention.  i.e. yellow pages).

I thought I would take a closer look at these guys, as the flavor profiles stuck out as purely original in the approach.  I have not seen a combination of tastes quite like this, especially this first one called “Oracle”

“A delicious s’mores inhale followed by an exhale of pure milkshake delight”

Packaging: As I mentioned earlier, this yellow box starts out with the cryptic Prophet logo against a yellow background.  Below that is the flavor name, PG/VG ratio, nic level, and bottle size.  On both sides is “S’mores Milkshake” written in bold lettering, while the back features all relevant ingredients and warnings that you’ve grown to expect from liquid products.  The one questionable part I had (or maybe it’s just me) is that the opening of the box is shifted slightly 90 degrees.  What I mean by that is the “technical” front is actually one of the sides with the S’mores Milkshake description mentioned above.  Not a huge deal, but interesting nonetheless.

Flavor: This packs a wallop of a flavor punch!  Let me explain.  A sweetened milk chocolate flavor can go too far overboard for some.  Too milky, too powdery, but this rides the center quite well.  Combined with a toasted marshmallow (that comes across slightly as a toasted coconut instead), this has some incredible flavor twists and turns.  The milkshake exhale seems to add more of an aromatic nature to the product, but not adding much as the flavor base itself.  This has a pretty bold throat hit that you wouldn’t necessarily expect with a profile like this.

Cloud Production: This 70/30 blend doesn’t really have super impressive cloud production.  Cotton might take a beating on this, depending on your setup.

Bottle Size: 30ml glass, 60ml unicorn

Nicotine Strength: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg

Final Thoughts: Despite how you might read what’s listed above, I actually really enjoyed this vape!  I paid especially close attention to this one, not wanting to leave any stones unturned.  The truth of the matter is that this is a bottle designed for flavor chasers, not cloud chasers.  While the throat hit could be offputting to some vapers, if you’re in it purely for the flavor experience, you need to try this one!!

If you guys want to give this a shot, click the banner below to head over to Ejuices.  Use the code “EL-10” to receive 10% off their insane juice collection!  And if you’re feeling especially froggy…tell them you heard about them through this website!


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