Juice Review: Dollar Menu from Broke Dick

It’s been a while since I checked out Broke Dick, and a lot of things have changed.  New labels, new flavors…and I’m going to share them with you!  Now, I’m sure a lot of you appreciate the value behind a dollar menu (I know I do!).  There have been quite a few times that my last few pennies have been stretched to the limits, and had to rely on a couple chicken sandwiches for $1 each to get by until payday.  So it makes sense to name one of your flavors like this.  Started originally as one of the “Bankroll” flavors, the popularity cemented this in the flavor line up.

I think the more interesting thing is how this name relates so closely to the flavor profile.  The website describes it as: “With lemon zest, lemon cake and lemon meringue drizzled with icing, this is the perfect pound cake for dessert lovers! Already this Luscious Lemon Cake has become an ADV (all day vape) for almost everyone who tries it.”

It almost sounds like something you could purchase on the dollar menu!!

Packaging: The first thing that caught my eye is the new logo.  Gone is the Monopoly man and is instead replaced with a knockoff version of that character.  The image is a round head with a sideways hat, huge mustache, and one of his eyes crossed out.  The bottom of the logo features “Great Taste, Cheap Vape” and the flavor name at the bottom.  Upper right hand features the nicotine strength.  The far left side features warnings, while the far right side features the flavor profile, ingreidents, and “Born in USA” logo.

Flavor: The first thing I noticed about this was the bold sweetness of the lemon.  It definitely came across as a lemon meringue that you would get from the ice box (or fridge, for those who aren’t old fashioned like me).  In fact, my first impression was a Lemon Icebox pie.  That is, until I read the word “cake” in the flavor profile.  All of a sudden, my mind immediately switched and was no longer searching for the pie crust flavor.  A very enjoyable ADV for me, as I would gladly purchase this for regular use.  The one thing I will note is that it’s very easy to get vapers tongue if you aren’t used to citrus type vapes!

Cloud Production: This has a 70/30 ratio, with some pretty solid cloud production throughout.  Sure, the cotton will take a beating until payday, but the flavor still stayed pretty consistent throughout!

Bottle Size: 120ml BOGO (buy one, get a second flavor of your choice for free!)

Nicotine Strength: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg

Final Thoughts: I’m glad to see something fresh in the lineup.  Broke Dick has never disappointed on their flavors, and the price is absolutely unbeatable!  I personally didn’t experience any funny aftertastes, but for those that do, I would highly suggest steeping the bottle like the instruction card will tell you after you place the order.

If you guys want to check this out, click the banner below and support Coffeefuel.net!  Fantastic BOGO deals, and the Dick Deals page also has some various items you can stock up on with your order.



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