Juice Review: Sick Day from Overtime

I hate calling in sick.  Allergy season in full force makes me leery to step outside.  Yet, sometimes it happens.  Memories of bad cold seasons led me to remedies like lemon cough drops, lemon and honey tea mixtures, and things of that nature.

Overtime created something called “Sick Day”, which is a “lemon coolata” flavor.  I have tried a couple variations of this flavor profile before.  Yet, there’s something about Overtime that makes it just a little different…

Packaging: The front of the bottle features the Sam, the business guy with a clock face, atop the Overtime logo.  The background features lemons and is cast against a yellow background.  The far left side shows PG/VG ratio, bottle size, nic strength, and flavor profile.  The far right shows cautions, flavor profiles, a spot for Batch number and Expiration Dates, and the Mad Buck Vapes bottling information at the bottom.

Flavor: When you open the bottle, the first thing to notice is the cooling sensation mixed with a lemon punch.  This shows the difference to, let’s say, if they went with menthol instead.  For those that don’t know, coolata is a type of flavor additive that recreates that cooling sensation but without a massive kick like you would get with menthol.  The result is a sweet lemon inhale with a cooling finish on the exhale.  Not quite a lemonade flavor, and nowhere near the cough drop like some people might think with the name.  Instead, its a super smooth flavor that would work on even your toughest of sick days.

Cloud Production: This 80/20 blend has some pretty impressive cloud production.  Cotton gunking is at a minimal as well.

Bottle Size: 60ml

Nicotine Strength: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg

Final Thoughts: I really didn’t know how to process this due to the name.  I knew the flavor profile pretty well and feared a much stronger flavor punch than what I got.  Instead, this has a super smooth performance that would work as an all-day-vape on even hot summer days.  It’s simple in design, and sometimes that’s all you need!

Check out this and more at Detroit Rock Candy.  Be sure to tell them that CoffeeFuel sent you!


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