Hardware Review: The Drop RDA from Digiflavor


As part of my VapeBox for February, I was pleasantly surprised to receive The Drop RDA.  This collaboration with The Vapor Chronicles highlights a lot of what I had been looking for in a RDA.  High profile, good airflow but not too airy.  I thought I would share with you guys some of the thoughts on this.

The Good

  • The build deck is nothing short of unique.  The build deck is designed to insert the coils downward.  The undercarriage is at an angle, allowing easy access to the excess leads for clipping.  The post holes are 3.5mm in size, allowing even thicker wire builds to fit.  Flathead screws also.
  • The inclusion of a BF pin is a solid move.  My recent obsession with squonkers gives a major plus in my book with any RDAs that include this.
  • The interlocking design helps to prevent leaking.  This is probably the 3rd RDA I have seen with this recently (maybe a growing trend in RDAs?)
  • The overall size of the RDA is 24mm in diameter, 26.5mm high.  There is just enough bulk to this without being too heavy.  High quality craftsmanship.

The Bad

  • This may or may not be a breaking point for some (I personally would list this in the good column) but the airflow is pretty massive on this.  10 pins in a T-shape design give airflow but allow just enough restriction for solid pulls.  Granted, the airflow is adjustable on each one of the lines on the T-shape.  However, some are turned off to certain RDAs because of an overabundance of air.  Just something to consider on this.
  • The way the build deck is, an excessive amount of cotton will be used to wick (probably more than you would be used to).  This helps to create better restriction on the airflow I mentioned above, but this could also be a turnoff for some.

The Ugly

  • There isn’t much in the way of color options.  You are limited to Black, Gold, Gunmetal, Stainless Steel, Matte Black.  While these are solid accent colors, some may be turned off to the fact that they can’t get a green color to match their shiny green mod.
  • Most RDAs I have seen come with a set of coils to build with.  This massive deck design would have gone great with the inclusion of fused claptons so that I could use right away.  Sadly, though, this wasn’t the case.
  • The price is a tad bit steep on this (MSRP at $34.99).  You get what you pay for, and I really think this is worth the price.

If you would like to give this a shot, click the banner below to check out VaporDNA.  Their listing price is $29.99, but you can save 10% off your first order by using the code “DNA10” at checkout off anything on their site.

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