Juice Review: Bananza Shake from Milkshake Liquids


Banana milkshakes aren’t something that I normally buy.  Growing up, my parents made banana milkshakes with a homemade ice cream maker, complete with rock salt and time.  And if you have ever tried homemade ice cream like that, you know the uniqueness that’s incomparable to soft serve in a cup.

Milkshake Liquids undertook the task of combining banana and ice cream, and turned it into another staple to their product line.  And with warmer months coming very soon, maybe it’s time to consider a flavor like this in your lineup.

The website describes the flavor as such:  “Sweet and ripe bananas blended with a milky vanilla ice cream”

Packaging: The bottle starts with the familiar cascading liquid from the top, in this case a yellow color.  The background of the bottom shows faint bananas in the background, signifying the flavor content.  The cup on the front also has a banana suspended from the straw (if you don’t know this has banana in it…we need to talk).  The far right side shows the nic strength and Facebook/Instagram icons, while the left side shows nic strength, PG/VG ratio, warnings and ingredients.

Flavor: This aromatic vape rips through with a sweet banana, almost candy-like.  Doing a drip test gives you a much stronger banana flavor than what you’ll actually experience.  In reality, the banana inhale mixes quite well with a vanilla soft serve exhale.  The flavor experience is quite smooth and doesn’t overwhelm on either flavor profile.

Cloud Production: As with other Milkshake Liquids flavors, this 70/30 blend has some quite remarkable cloud production.  I personally didn’t experience much cotton destruction, but you might experience some if you run at much higher temperatures.

Nic Strength: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg

Bottle Size: 60ml, 100ml (both unicorn bottles)

Final Thoughts: While its no secret that I’m not huge on fruit flavored vapes, this concoction showcases fruit in a much calmer and less invasive light.  Milkshake Liquids always produces very smooth and creative vapes, and this captures that light quite well.  While it’s not a direct comparison to the homemade ice cream I mentioned earlier, it still might be worth considering.

If you guys want to give this a shot, you can purchase from the Milkshake Liquids website.  Also, Breazy offers discounts quite regularly (which are featured on Today’s Deals page).  Click the banner below to check them out.


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