Month: March 2018

Premier Vapor and Lounge

Guys, I am constantly trying to keep my eye out on two things for you.  One, good juice to try and two, juice at a fair price.  I found this deal that is nothing short of spectacular, but I will be completely honest when I say that I […]

Juice Review: Sick Day from Overtime

I hate calling in sick.  Allergy season in full force makes me leery to step outside.  Yet, sometimes it happens.  Memories of bad cold seasons led me to remedies like lemon cough drops, lemon and honey tea mixtures, and things of that nature. Overtime created something called “Sick […]

Juice Review: Legend from Hometown Hero

Everyone wants to become a legend at something.  Your legacy is the most important thing that drives most people to keep going forward.  For some, this means serving their country.  Others, it’s a means of expression that creates a memorable experience that’s unforgettable.  That’s why Hometown Hero has […]

Juice Review: Sublimation from NOCA Elixirs

Sublimation is the phase where a solid goes directly into a gas, without passing through as a liquid form.  Whether this has anything directly to do with the flavor profile, I’m not sure.  There’s also the psychological definition it is defined as a mature type of defense mechanism, in which socially unacceptable […]