VAPE MAIL: Introducing Hometown Hero!!

Everybody wants to be a hero.  To be idolized or respected by your peers.  A brand like Hometown Hero pays respect to those who fought hard to be their own Hometown Heroes, by paying 1% of each sale to Disabled American Veterans (  They also pay 1% to support local artists (and let me tell you, the artwork in places like Austin, Dallas, and Houston is something worth experiencing first hand!)

The flavors I received are as such:

  • Ambrosia – Berry, Melon, Citrus
  • Red Dream – Strawberry Dream and Kettle Corn
  • Angel Tears – Watermelon, Berries, and Coconut
  • Legend – Banana Rum
  • Wild Buffalo – Root Beer Float
  • Angel’s Breath – Frozen Watermelon and Berries
  • Why So Cereal? – Sweet Raspberry Crunch

I also received the following three flavors from the Lazer Wolf line.

  • Neon – Frozen Peach Rings
  • Ultra – Sticky Buns Ice Cream
  • Turbo – Strawberry Margarita

I will be going into detail on each one of these in future articles in the very near future.  In the meantime, if you want to check out their products for yourself, head over to and use the code “coffeefuel82” to save 20% off your order!

There are many other flavors to check out, along with the new Leviathan line (flavors like Sea Salt Pineapple, Sea Salt Caramel Custard, and Sea Salt Strawberry Mango.  They are taking pre-orders now, but you can still use the code “coffeefuel82” to save there as well!


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