Juice Review: Apple Scrape from Mad Buck Vapes

I have been on a bit of an apple kick lately.  Apple pie, apple moonshine, even apple menthol.  Maybe it’s dreaming of warmer weather, or maybe I want something with a little more character and depth to satisfy.  The fine folks at Mad Buck Vapes have created something simply known as “Apple Scrape”

“Apple Scrape is mix of different apples sliced and dipped in warm caramel.”

Packaging: This big bottle starts out with a silhouette of a what appears to be an 8 point buck (maybe I’m off by a point or two) and “Mad Buck Vapes” along the bottom.  The far left side of the label features nic strength, flavor name, bottle size, PG/VG ratio, nicotine warnings, ingredients, etc.  They probably have one of the more direct labels I have seen, with a lot of details in easy to read format.

Flavor: When you say a mix of different apples, that gets the mind wandering.  Are we talking a mix of red and green apples?  Macintosh mixed with Granny Smith apples?  In the vaping world, perhaps it means mixing ripe and fresh apples.  Regardless, the sweet caramel inhale gives way to a sweet and tart apple finish.  The result makes me feel like I am taking a bite out of a fresh caramel apple.  There are very few apple flavors that have that kind of execution, which is impressive to say the least!

Cloud Production: 80/20 blend, this has some quite incredible cloud production.  Granted, your cotton and coils will take quite a beating on this one.  With caramel, it’s to be expected.  But the solid performance I think is well worth it.

Bottle Size: 120ml chubby gorilla bottle

Nicotine Strength: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg

Final Thoughts: This is definitely a different venture to the other flavors posted at detroitrockcandy.com.  Apple isn’t something that seems to be widely available, which gives this bottle a nice home.  Combine that with this being one of the few caramel apple flavors I have tried thus far, I think this is one of those rare gems that is worth trying.

If you guys want to give this a shot, head over to detroitrockcandy.com and pick up a bottle from Mad Buck Vapes.  Be sure to tell them CoffeeFuel sent you!


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