Juice Review: Vanilla Custard from Emergency Vape Stash

Did you ever get to a point that you crave one specific flavor?  You’re down to your last few drops and you go “What would really be nice right now is ______?”  For me, that’s vanilla custard.  Maybe it’s a throwback to one of the first flavors I tried and got me off of cigarettes, or maybe I’m just looking for something that pairs good with a cup of coffee.

That’s where Emergency Vape Stash comes into play.  Smooth flavors that are designed to be your first and your last vape.  One of the prime flavors in their lineup is simply called “Vanilla Custard”

No fancy description or labeling, and you get what you pay for.  But let’s take a closer look to see if it compares to other vanilla custard flavors.

Packaging: All Emergency Vape Stash flavors start out with the familiar red bar with “Emergency Vape Stash” stencil against a white background.  The bottom of the front shows the nic strength, bottle size, and flavor.  The far left side showcases all relevant warnings and ingredients.

Flavor: There are a few different classes to custard, and quite a few have been covered on this website (try searching for custard and you’ll see what I mean!)  This flavor has a smooth and sweet vanilla inhale with a slightly tangy custard exhale.  The custard is not nutty, spicy, or anything of that nature.  Just an overall smooth flavor experience that could be a little too sweet for some, but perfect for anyone that is a custard fan.

Cloud Production: This 70/30 blend produces some heavy streams of plume but the cotton might take some beating.  It’s kind of expected with custard flavors, right??

Bottle Size: 120ml bottle

Nicotine Strength: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg

Final Thoughts: I wholeheartedly would put this in my emergency stash.  I have more of a sweet tooth when it comes to dessert flavors, and this first the bill perfectly.  While you might have to replace your cotton a bit through the whole 120ml bottle, to me it’s worth the exchange.

If you guys want to check this out, you can find them at E-Juices.  The wide selection of juices are sure to fit any taste buds.  Use the code “ejuices10” to save 10% off your order.

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