Juice Review: Double Stuffed by Double Stuffed E-Juice

Oreo cookies, specifically the Double Stuffed, seems to be the perfect answer to any dessert vapers cravings.  Whether it’s the starchy cookie taste or the sweet cream in the middle, a lot of dessert vapers will eventually land on this journey to find a solid Oreo flavor.

The Royale Group has created a flavor described as “An amazing white cream filling between two chocolate Oreo cookies.”  

We’ll see about that.

Packaging: The main part of the label features a blue and pink “Double Stuffed E-juice” logo that barely features a small sliver of an Oreo cookie drenched in milk.  Below that is the nic strength and bottle size, with a Nicotine warning underneath.  The far left side features warnings and social media links, while the far right side shows ingredients.

Flavor: Where a lot of juice companies focus on that all too familiar cream filling, these guys focused more on the cookie itself.  Sweet chocolate on the inhale with a touch of cream on the exhale.  To me this tasted pretty close to an Oreo cookie.  In a tank, the performance may flip around to less cookie and more cream.  I really couldn’t explore that option because the flavor disappeared pretty damn quick.  Maybe it’s the type of bottle used or maybe it’s something else, but the flavor didn’t seem to last nearly as long as it has in other glass bottles.

Cloud Production: This 70/30 blend has some pretty decent cloud production, but boy does the cotton take a huge beating on this one.

Nicotine Strength: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg

Bottle Size: 60ml and 100ml unicorn

Final Thoughts: While I have tried many Oreo flavors, I had a lot of hope in this one.  With a name like “Double Stuffed”, I had expected more of the cream filling flavor than I got.  Granted, a tank may have done a little better rework on this.  Then the ultimate kicker of flavor breaking down really disappointed me on this one.

If you guys want to give this one a go, check out E-Juices.  E-juices has an insane collection of various flavors for you to try.  They also feature the Golden Stuffed and Berry Full flavors in the rest of the Double Stuffed lineup.

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