Juice Review: Cream Tobacco from Slam Cake Vapes

It was the last day of my first summer job.  19 years old, and I couldn’t wrap my head around the whirlwind of emotions and experiences.  The only thing I could do was to bum a cigarette, something I had never done in the past.  I couldn’t explain it, but next thing I know, I was at the convenience store buying a pack of “Camel Light” cigarettes.

Maybe your first experience was different, but ultimately it culminated in the same result.  A fistful of dollars in exchange for your first pack of cigarettes.  The flavor differs from a lot of people, but my personal experience was a Turkish tobacco blend that could legally at the time use the term “Light” in the name.  I smoked that type of cigarette for about 8 years before switching to menthol.  The taste and scent remained the same, a slightly sweet blend that intrigued my senses before the first puff.

For people that switch from smoking to vaping, the transition can be shocking.  Replacing a cigarette taste with fruits or candies might be dis-concerning and might even lead to going back to a traditional cigarette.  Slam Cake Vapes took on the task of replacing a traditional cigarette with a flavor that does what no other company has done, and that’s to create a tobacco unlike any other tobacco flavor on the market.

“A great balance of creamy custard with a natural tobacco flavor you will love”

Packaging: This white label mixes with gold accents that reminded me of a “Marlboro Light” package.  The front of the label features Slam Cake Vapes across the top, the flavor name in the middle, and nic strength and bottle size at the bottom.  The far right of the label features a large warning “This product contains nicotine.  Nicotine is an addictive chemical” (a nice change from what you would see on a pack of cigarettes, huh).  Prop 65 and ingredients finish off the rest of the text while a series of icons provide a whole host of additional information.

Flavor: I don’t recall ever trying a custard/tobacco blend.  That’s not to say they don’t exist, but I just don’t remember ever seeing one.  The initial inhale reminded me of that sweet smell of your very first cigarette (prior to lighting, it’s just the smell of the tobacco itself).  The exhale started to take an almost candy shell like finish, definitely not the direction I thought this would have gone.  This all happens with a slight tang of tobacco in the background, not fully breaking through to overpowering the taste buds.  It actually appealed much more to my sense, but this might not necessarily appeal to every converting smoker.  If you have a sweet tooth, though, make a mental note of this one.

Cloud Production: 70/30 blend.  This stays pretty clean on your cotton throughout, all while boasting a pretty solid cloud production.

Bottle Size: 60ml unicorn

Nicotine Strength: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg

Final Thoughts: A solid step in the right direction, this could be the missing link to converting a lot of smokers to vaping.  While not quite a full traditional tobacco vape, this might help to guide smokers to the sweeter taste possibilities all while not giving up on the familiar tobacco taste.

If you want to give this a shot, head over to slamcakevapes.com.  Tell them CoffeeFuel sent you!

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