Juice Review: Wake Up, Wake Up from Secret Menu Liquids

Coffee and donuts.  Goes together like peanut butter and jelly.  Mustard and ketchup.  (and coffee with your vape!)  The problem with flavor combinations like this is the donuts are too sweet or the coffee is too bitter.  So when I see something that claims to be a coffee and donut flavor, I become skeptical pretty quick.  However, the fine folks at Secret Menu Liquids (aka Milkshake Liquids)…well I’ll let you read the description.

“Start your morning off right with a warm fluffy glazed doughnut dipped into a cup of joe!  Many have tried and many have failed but Secret Menu Liquids has this flavor nailed!”

The challenge has been thrown down….

Packaging: Like the rest of the Secret Menu line, this starts out with a coffeeshop chalkboard design, with “Enjoy our Secret Menu, brought to you by Milkshake Liquids” and the flavor name below that (nicotine strength in the corner).  This one in particular, called “Wake Up, Wake Up”, has a simple coffee cup and donut drawn on the right side of the image.  The far left side of the label shows all relevant information, warnings, ingredients, batch number (which faded pretty quickly for me), PG/VG ratio, nic strength.

Flavor: There are two schools of thought with donuts that differ depending on your region.  A donut is similar to Dunkin Donuts, where the texture is thick almost like a cake.  A doughnut tends to be more airy (think Krispy Kreme).  This particular flavor goes the cake route, with a full flavor punch right at the beginning.  This soon gives way to the coffee flavor towards the end.  What makes these two work so well together is the cinnamon sugar taste with the donuts that blends together quite well with the coffee.  The coffee isn’t too bitter, and the donut stays just as sweet without overdoing it.  After a while, though, the two flavors started to blend together on my tongue.  The result tasted to me like a cinnamon dolce straight out of Starbucks.  “What a twist!!”

Cloud Production: This 70/30 blend comes right out of the gate with a pretty impressive cloud spread.  Whether you go the tank route or an RDA, this bottle will not disappoint on the whole experience.  The only downside, as to be expected, is the cotton gunking.  While it’s not immediate, you should strongly consider changing your cotton pretty regularly with this one.  It’s not a game breaker, but something to think about if you want to keep that strict coffee and donut separation of taste.

Bottle Size: 60ml and 100ml, both in unicorns

Nicotine Strength: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg

Final Thoughts: I’d have to agree with the description.  Secret Menu has definitely nailed it on the flavor.  I haven’t experienced this type of a taste journey on any other coffee and donut flavor, and quite possibly never will.

Check out Milkshakeliquids.com to try out this and other really awesome flavors.  Be sure to tell them that CoffeeFuel sent you!

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