Juice Review: Georgia Striker from The Forge

“Georgia Striker is a Peach flavor so sweet and juicy, it doesn’t even need the tea to complete it: Pure, Sweet, and Refreshing.”

It kind of goes without saying that a fine Georgia peach is one of the tastiest things on the planet.  Whether you are a fan or not, the name “Georgia Peach” is synonymous with rich sweet flavor.  The fact is that Vape Moar decided to kick it up a notch from a peach to a striker.  This comes from The Forge line, which is designed to be ran on higher temp control settings (if that’s your wheelhouse).  Best between 430 and 600 degrees is the recommendation for this particular flavor.  But what about the rest of us?

Packaging: Whether you go for the standard 132ml or just wet your whistle on the 18ml sample, the label design is pretty much the same.  Standard foil label with an iron clad logo design with flavor and nic strength on the bottom, ingredients on the left and warnings on the right.  The key to this also is the note “Shake Well Before Use”.

Flavor: Imagine every single peach flavor you have ever tried.  The candy peach, the ripe peach, sweeter peach concoctions….now throw them into a blender and hit “puree”.  This comes at you with every peach note you can possibly imagine, hitting on the sweeter candy version on the inhale, with a deep rich and ripe peach on the exhale.  Where your mind takes it is anybody’s guess.  I personally related a lot of the peach flavors to a cobbler, but some of you guys may pick up on different accent notes and might imagine more of biting into a fresh peach.  Regardless….

Cloud Production: This gives me the impression of a higher end 80/20 mix.  Maybe part of that is due to the difficulty in squeezing the little 18ml bottle….or maybe the mix was just that thick.  The major hint for the latter is the insane cloud production on this little bottle.  I have not seen anything with this much flavor produce this impressive cloud array, and I’d be hard pressed to find it again.  The other part that took me by surprise is how clean my cotton was.  Guys, I waited on vaping this flavor for quite a few months.  The juice didn’t turn colors, the flavor didn’t fade, and more importantly my cottons survived the onslaught from the get-go.

Bottle Size: 18ml sample bottle or 132ml unicorn

Nicotine Strength: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg

Final Thoughts: It’s pretty obvious that you would need to be a pretty big fan of peach to really get this.  The mix of peach flavors in a clean presentation is very impressive, and the price point is even more of a deal.

Click the link here to give it a shot.  If you’re not sure if you want to try it, check out the 18ml sample bottle.  And if you do enjoy it…tell them CoffeeFuel sent you!

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