Juice Review: Adjourned by Boardroom Vapor

Most of the marketing for juice companies revolved around either nostalgia to their childhood or a fictional character (a lemon with swords or a cartoon pig cop, for example).  Not many take on the initial impression of a business executive on their products, which is where Boardroom Vapor steps in.  This brainchild of Cream Vapor gives a crisp and clean impression with their labeling, along with some very bold flavors.   This one in particular is simply an apple pie moonshine flavor.

“Bright and vibrant Moonshine infused with the rich taste of Apple Pie, paired with a Caramelized flavored Virginia Gold Leaf. Work is over; it’s time to unwind”

Packaging: This bottle comes in a small carton, with a black background with gold and white highlights.  The top showcases a business suit with “Boardroom Vapor” in a clean and edgy finish.  The center icon shows simply an apple, which should make this unmistakable on where this flavor will lead.  The name of the juice, website, and bottle size finish off the front labeling.  Right side shows the flavor description with a nicotine warning.  Left side showcases ingredients and PG/VG ratio, while the back lists all relevant warnings in larger, easier to read fonts.

Flavor: To anyone who has ever tried an apple pie moonshine flavor, you know the path goes down one of two obvious directions.  Either there is too much apple or too much moonshine.  This one is able to maintain that path directly down the middle, with a sweet and rich apple on the inhale down to a VSP style moonshine finish.  What makes a difference is the smoothness of the moonshine combined with a solid throat hit that’s not too harsh.  The reason?  A slight hint of tobacco mixed in to meld the two flavors together.  It’s subtle, and it works!

Clcoud Production: This 70/30 blend definitely doesn’t disappoint on clouds.  In fact, you start to understand why their slogan is “Get Your Head in the Clouds”.  Large volume cloud production hit after hit, but with an added bonus where the cotton really doesn’t suffer like you would imagine with this type of flavor!

Bottle Size: 60ml

Nicotine Strength: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg

Final Thoughts: Smooth presentation combined with a rich flavor.  This is a solid choice if you like apple or if you want a dessert finish that’s not too rich.  The tobacco addition is a nice touch that really seems to make this shine.  Well done guys!

If you want to check out this and some of the other Cream Vapor flavors, check out Mr Vape USA.

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