Hardware Review: Maus Sub-Ohm Tank from Cloudy Collaborations

Just over a year ago, I attended what would soon to be known as the last of the VaperSlam/VapeMania conventions.  I thought it would be a good idea to pick up a VIP package, which had quite a few goodies (including a HexOhm).  Among those items was a little green tank simply known as the “Maus Sub-Ohm Tank”.  The simplistic design left a lot to be desired for those that wanted a more tech-savvy look, but this design created something that is completely unmatched in this market, even after all of this time.

What’s in the Box??

  • One SubOhm Tank
  • One Replacement Pyrex Glass
  • One 510 drip tip adapter
  • **.5 Kanthal Coil – (recommended 30-80 watts)
  • **.2 Kanthal Coil – (recommended 60-120 watts)
  • Spare Parts

The Good

The simple design I mentioned earlier does something that not many companies have done, and that is to cut through the red tape and deliver something that’s all about vaping and not about looking sleek.  While a 4ml tank may not be the biggest on the market, the coils inside are just small enough to not get in the way of storing a decent amount of juice in a small container.  The extended copper pin means this has a solid connection to almost any type of device.  I would highly recommend checking your mod for a spring loaded 510 connector to avoid unnecessary damage.  This is the perfect size for a HexOhm, which is usually why you will see these grouped together with that device.

The Bad

The availability of the replacement coils is pretty lackluster.  Very few shops seem to carry a replacement pack (opting more for the bigger tanks…looking at you TFV8).  Even the website has had times where the stock on a .2 coil remains unavailable for quite some time.  The price tag on the website might turn some people off, since there are obviously bigger tanks with lower resistance and better cloud production.  While this isn’t the worst when it comes to clouds, it’s definitely more of a flavor tank than a cloud chaser.

The Ugly

The one thing that kept me from vaping on this for so long was the issue with leaking coils.  Talk to almost anybody that has tried it, and they will agree that this has some of the worst leaking issues.  However…I have a solution for that.  My good buddy Jett Vapes (check him out and tell him CoffeeFuel sent you!) showed me a simple fix to a new coil that will prevent leaking every single time!

This is how the coils look when you remove them from the package.  Note the one pin under the plastic seal and another poking out between the seal and the bottom connector.

Remove the connector and make sure that pin goes on the inside of the metal circle.  Reassemble and make sure the seal is lined up so that no extra juice can leak out!

If you guys want to check out this tank, head over to cloudycollabs.com.  They have a zombie green color tank with red splotches, called the Zombie Maus tank.  You can also pick up the Suicide Bunny tank by checking out thesuicidebunny.net.  Either way you go, leave them a little comment saying you were sent by CoffeeFuel.  I’m sure they’ll appreciate it.

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