Juice Review: French Toast from The Zen Vaper

Breakfast vapes are a popular flavor profile for a lot of people.  Something about sweetened cereal or baked goods gives people that familiarity of their childhood.  Or perhaps it’s the guilt-free pleasure of vaping something tasty without the insane amount of calories.  The Zen Vaper focuses on that with a lot of their flavors, with a huge variety of breakfast, custard, and dessert flavors for your taste buds.

Take, for example, this one called French Toast.  Don regularly posts random pictures in his Facebook group of breakfast being made, so it’s no doubt that French Toast has to be at the top of his list for favorite meals to cook.

Here is what the website lists as the flavor:  “Texas toast style bread dipped-n-flipped in egg and milk batter with a touch of vanilla and sweet cinnamon then cooked to perfection on a cast iron griddle. Each slice is spread with soft golden butter. The bottom slice is dusted with powdered sugar, strawberry jam is spread on the middle slice and the stack is topped with not-too-sweet maple syrup. The only thing you’ll want after vaping this addictive multi-layered e-juice is another slice!! “

Packaging: The bottle itself starts like the rest of the Zen Vaper flavors, featuring a Buddhist monk in his orange garb with The Zen Vaper listed to his left.  To his right is a listing of dangers, warnings, and ingredients.  Below him is a list of the PG/VG ratio, a Mixed On date, and nicotine strength.

Flavor: This French Toast flavor starts off quite impressive with a mild cinnamon toast taste with a hint of egg mixed in, creating a very clean french toast taste.  This is finished with a tasty maple syrup finish and a hint of strawberry mixed in.  This is a very vibrant taste, probably one of the better french toast vapes I have tried in a long time.  The key to all of his flavors is the inclusion of a “Pre-Steep Instructions” sheet.  This gives vital information to help enhance the vaping experience and really make the flavors pop.

Cloud Production: The other part of The Zen Vaper flavors is the fact that there are no added sweeteners.  None!  This is further proved by the squeaky clean cotton throughout the entirety of the bottle.  To me, that is the most shocking part of the whole experience.  This gives the whole 70/30 “blend-in-a-bottle” incredible cloud production from beginning to end.

Bottle Size: 30ml, 60ml, 120ml, 200ml

Nicotine Strength: 0mg, 1.5mg, 3mg, 6mg, 9mg, 12mg

Final Thoughts: At first glance, you may not think much of The Zen Vaper.  However, I promise you that there are some tasty surprises to those of curious mind.  And he promises it too.  With a focus on customer satisfaction, he will replace if you do not like the flavor (and trust me…you will like it!)

Check out this and the rest of The Zen Vaper’s incredible flavor selection at www.thezenvaper.com

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