Juice Review: Krunchy Squares from Keep It 100

Breakfast flavors are not a new thing.  Lots of companies attempt to replicate your favorite Saturday morning confectionery meal, but not many have really put an effort into replicating “Cinnamon Toast Crunch”.  The folks at Liquid Labs gave this a go with their Keep It 100 line, and created something called Krunchy Squares.

“Keep It 100 Krunchy Squares eJuice will be your next breakfast favorite with it’s french toast cereal and milk that is fantastic anytime of the day.”

Packaging: This comes in a grey carton with bits of cinnamon and milk in the background of the Keep It 100 logo.  The bottom (and top) of the box show the nicotine strength, along with the bottle size on the front side.  The very back of the box showcases all ingredients and relevant warnings.  The bottle itself has a slightly foiled finish with the same information.

Flavor: Let me start off by saying that steeping this will do wonders for your flavor.  The flavors were quite muted until I shelved this for a couple of weeks inside the carton.  In a dripper, I got a solid sweet cinnamon sugar flavor but with a bold milk base.  This honestly tasted like the cereal that had been soaked at the bottom of the cereal bowl.  And while I have never actually tried “French Toast Crunch”, I would imagine the flavors are quite similar in high notes.

What these guys seem to have done is replicated the Drip the Hype flavor FTC, but repackaged under a new brand.  Perhaps it’s a slightly more subtle way of packaging without such an obvious nod to the breakfast name.

Cloud Production: This has a pretty fluid viscosity.  I want to say it’s a 70/30 but it wouldn’t surprise me if this was a 65/35 blend instead.  Cloud production is kind of…meh…and your cotton will surely take a punch of animated epic proportions.  But for a flavor that’s reminiscent of Saturday morning cartoons, I don’t think you would be looking for a super clean vape to begin with.

Bottle Size: 100ml

Nicotine Strengths: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg

Final Thoughts: While I wasn’t looking for a lot of depth to this liquid, I was able to really appreciate that flavor burst after the long shelf steep.  This tasted exactly like they said, and you couldn’t really ask for anything more than that.

If you guys want to check this out, click the link provided hereEjuice Deals features some pretty solid discounts on flavors like this and others.

Stay tuned for more flavors from Keep It 100!

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