Juice Review: Lieutenant La-Dasha from Five-0 E-liquid

It seems to me that with the overabundance of dessert vapes out there, there should be more flavors with this profile.  However, you would be hard pressed to find very many Sticky Buns flavors.  Yet the fine folks at Five-0 Eliquid have taken it upon themselves to keep a stronghold on the bakery flavors with their own unique spin.

The website describes Lieutenant La-Dasha as such: “Sticky Buns –  a sweet sticky roll of sugary bread with a light flakey crust. Enjoy La-Dasha’s favorite treat that will always have you coming back for more.”

Packaging: This starts off with a thick chick in La-Dasha, covered from head to toe in stereotypical police garb, a mod in her hand.  The far left side features the Five-0 logo, while the far right side shows everything else (ingredients, warnings, nic strength, flavor name, etc.)  The most obvious part to this is the booty on La-Dasha, coupled with the flavor profile of “Sticky Buns”.  I think out of all the flavors in the lineup, this is the one most people don’t forget simply for that reason.

Flavor: It’s no mystery that sticky buns is a pretty basic one-dimensional flavor.  What makes this awesome, though, is that the simplicity makes this shine.  Not too heavy on the dough base (but just enough to let you know what it is), combined with a sweet glaze that again doesn’t overpower the dough.  This doesn’t try to impress you with little flavor notes mixed in if you’re running a specific type of coil.  Nor does it have everchanging flavors (depending on your wattage).  They tell you from the beginning that this is a sticky buns flavor, and it delivers!

Cloud Production: This 70/30 blend does a little song and dance with your cotton, but the effects are not immediate.   Dessert flavors are notorious for this, almost to be expected.  Thankfully it took a little while for the gunk to set in.  This has a pretty smooth cloud production to boot.

Nic Strength: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg

Bottle Size: 30ml glass bottle, 60ml and 120ml (both in unicorn bottles)

Final Thoughts: Simple flavor, simple notes, awesome performance.  I am not immediately drawn to such a simple flavor profile, but I never regret when I do pick up a bottle.  I would definitely consider this to be a sleeper hit in the lineup.

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