Juice Review: Blackberry Cheesecake from Mama’s Freshly Vaped

A little over a month ago, I checked out these guys at Vape Showcase in Dallas.  The big thing I noticed about these guys was their booth setup.  An exact replica of a full kitchen, they brought everything (including the kitchen sink…).  All of this reflected the selection of their juice, modeled after homemade dessert flavors.  But even with this flashy display, how does their juice live up?

Mama’s Freshly Vaped website describes Blackberry Cheesecake like this: “The mama’s Way!  Tart and sweet, with a swirled blackberry puree and tasty graham crust”

Packaging:  All of the bottles have pretty much the same layout, with the Mama’s Freshly Vaped logo hovering over the flavor profile and description (the exact description listed above).  Far right side features nic strength and bottle size over Mama, while the far left side features all relevant warnings.  Instead of an ingredients list, there is a “Contains” menu instead.

Flavor: Before reading the description, I gave this one a major taste test for about a day.  Blackberry itself is definitely tart and sweet, while the cheesecake honestly didn’t seem to be found anywhere.  Sure cheesecake delivers a similar flavor profile with the tart and sweet (although significantly less than blackberry), so it does taste a great deal like the two flavors were blended together rather than trying to separate and create a split taste experience.  The graham cracker lingered towards the tail end.  While I wouldn’t say it was specifically a “blackberry cheesecake“, this does match the description perfectly with the blackberry puree.

Cloud Production: This 70/30 blend boasts some pretty awesome cloud production, coupled with the significant lack of sweetener added.  My cotton stayed squeaky clean the entire time and delivered pretty awesome cloud production.  It makes sense, though.  You don’t add a ton of artificial sweetener to your homemade desserts, do you??

Nicotine Strength: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg

Bottle Size: 60ml, 120ml

Final Thoughts: Like I said in the flavor section, this matches the description perfectly.  Blackberry and cheesecake flavors mixing together to create a tart and sweet flavor that’s not too rich nor compounded with a ton of sweetener.  Mama should be proud!

If you want to try this or any of the other “Mama’s Freshly Vaped” flavors, check out E-juices.  Click the banner below and use the code “ejuices10” to save 10% off your order on this or anything else on their insane inventory of juice!


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