Juice Review: Unicorn from The Drip Co (Coffee Shop Edition)

Flashback to the spring of 2017, and the fine folks at Starbucks decided to release a beverage that was so far gone from coffee related.  This mix of sour and sweet looked like a unicorn did a few naughty things into a cup…which is probably why they called it a Unicorn Frappucino.  Suffice to say, people went ape-shit over this tie dyed hippie’s wet dream.  I personally couldn’t bring myself to try one, but the madness was real.  And just like the famed Szechuan Sauce from McDonald’s, this too disappeared into oblivion after just a few weeks.

Needless to say, the fine folks at The Drip Co decided to take advantage of this and add it to their Coffee Shop Edition line.  The flavor is described as follows: “Unicorn by The Drip Co Coffee Shop Edition is a flavor of mixed berries and sour mango, topped with whipped cream and cotton candy drizzle to make the perfect frozen drink!”

Packaging: This shiny box features a unicorn in the center of the Coffee Shop Edition logo, sprinkled with various primary colors, but without a definitive border around the creature, you’d miss it if you blink.  The rest of the box cover is a mix between a white paint-by-number scheme against a blue-purple-pink background.  The very back of the box features all relevant warnings and ingredients.

Flavor: So let’s start from the beginning and disect a few line items in this description.  Mixed berries and sour mango.  Mixed berries start out the aroma therapy with some sweet characteristics that start the vape, followed almost immediately with the sour mango.  You could just say it’s a sour mix and I wouldn’t have argued the point.  Not too heavy, though, this sour mango mixes perfectly with the berries on the inhale.  The exhale combines whipped cream and cotton candy into a light and fluffy landing in Candy Land.

Cloud Production: Surprisingly enough, this 70/30 blend is pretty delicate on your coils (although a lower resistance coil such as TFV8 may not take too kindly to those words…)  Cloud production itself is pretty full with very little disappointment.

Bottle Size: Carton with two 60ml bottles inside

Nicotine Strength: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg

Final Thoughts: It’s true (it’s DAMN true…) that I don’t enjoy candy vapes.  To me, though, this hits several flavor profiles.  Beverage, fruits, candy, all rolled into one.  While I did enjoy this one, it was a little too sweet for me to vape it all day.  And besides…I still want my damn Szechuan sauce….

If you guys want to try this, check out VaporDNA.  Click the banner below and use the code DNA10 to save 10% off your order.

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