Juice Review: Gold Tobacco from Slam Cake Vapes

Let’s take a quick flashback to before vaping.  For a lot of us, the familiarity of a cigarette was something that was unmistakable.  The sweet nutty inhale of tobacco mixed with the tangy aroma of the exhale…all the while, chemicals were slowly filling your body with poison.

Most of us were either unaware or simply didn’t care about the bad side to smoking.  We just knew we were hooked.  When we switched to vaping, however, there was a significant amount of vapers that were like “I want to stay as far away from a tobacco flavor as possible!”  Part of this could be due to the emotional attachment and sensory memory associated with a cigarette…and part of this could just be because the tobacco liquids tasted like shit.  Nothing even close to a real cigarette!

Now, there are companies that produce cig-a-like juice to help people switch, but these are often hit or miss.  Slam Cake Vapers created a line specifically designed to replicate major tobacco brands to help smokers convert to vaping.

This first one, called “Gold Tobacco“, is modeled after light brands of cigarettes such as Marlboro Lights (their packaging now bolsters the name “Marlboro Gold”…so yeah…)

Packaging: In stark contrast to the other Slam Cake flavors featured on the site, these labels feature a very simplistic, almost early 20th century Americana type design.  The Slam Cake Vapes lettering resembles a marque style representation that would be featured with all sorts of major publications back in the day.  The Tobacco Series/Gold Tobacco exhibit a very simplistic tone to the presentation.  Bottom of the label features nic strength and bottle size.  The far right side features warnings, ingredients, social media links, PG/VG ratio…the whole kitten caboodle.

Flavor: The part that so many flavors miss is that unmistakable throat hit that you would associate with a cigarette.  In fact, that missing throat hit is often the reason people switch back to smoking in the first place.  This melds very well with the sweet undertone of the light tobacco flavor.  Although I was a menthol smoker towards the latter half of my smoking tenure, I can appreciate the efforts here.  This tastes, to me at least, just like a light cigarette would.

Cloud Production: 70VG/30PG ratio, this exhibits some very fine cloud production.  The even more impressive thing to note is the lack of cotton killing agents in this bottle.  Even though tobacco vapes sometimes have a particular type of rich flavor that can cause some gunkage, this instead runs with a much cleaner and much clearer liquid.

Bottle Size: 60ml unicorn

Nic Strength: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg

Final Thoughts: Where lots of juice companies try to replace the cigarette taste with some other delicious flavor, Slam Cake decided to go balls to the wall in trying to make something to help people quit smoking.  The throat hit and fine flavor help to replicate the taste, while the cloud production is beneficial to those that need a psychological link to get them off of cigarettes.  While this isn’t a perfect ADV for me, I feel that it would work quite nicely if I do have any cigarette cravings.

But more importantly, I feel that this has the potential to help a LOT of people make the switch.  Do you agree?

Check them out at buyslamcakevapes.com

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