Juice Review: Vanilla Bean from Nitro’s Cold Brew

To round out the selection from Nitro’s Cold Brew, we finish with a selection that seemed to be the most fitting out of all three.  While I wouldn’t expect menthol with a macchiato or white chocolate mocha, a vanilla bean with menthol just seems to fit.

“Nitro’s Cold Brew Coffee E-Liquid presents their rich iced coffee flavor that’s complemented with a premium vanilla bean accent and a hint of caramel.”

Packaging: The front of the bottle starts with the Nitro’s Cold Brew Coffee logo with beans and caramel underneath (perhaps the beans are vanilla beans or coffee…you decide).  Far left side features the warnings and ingredients (along with a subtle PG/VG note) while the far right features the Instagram website along with nicotine strength.

Flavor: I said that this seems the most fitting and boy was I right.  While this still doesn’t have a super strong coffee flavor, the vanilla and caramel blend together quite nicely with the menthol.   This unique combination creates a creamy, frothy blend that works well in a dripper or a tank.  The menthol isn’t too strong either, but just enough to give that cooling sensation you would look for in a vape like this.

Cloud Production: The note on the side of the bottle features “80% Vegetable Glycerin”.  And this plays perfectly to the 80/20 blend.  Nice full cloud production with the added boost of menthol (this helps to open up the airways, which helps to boost cloud production tremendously).  The cotton might take a little bit of a hit, but it maintain’s flavor and clouds pretty well throughout.

Bottle Size: 100ml Chubby Gorilla Bottle

Nicotine Strength: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg

Final Thoughts: Whether you’re a fan of white chocolate mocha, macchiato, or vanilla bean, these guys have created something totally unique in the vaping market today.  Even with the cold winter months, a cold brew vape might not be a bad idea to help brave the colder winds a little better.

Click the banner below if you’d like to try out this juice.  VaporDNA has a wide selection of juices to try, including the Nitro’s Cold Brew Coffee.  Let me know your thoughts on this in the comments below if you have tried it!

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