Juice Review: Cinnamon Sommore from 50 Shades of Custard

“Our full-bodied custard kissed with exotic cinnamon flavor is a trio of unexpected blends – sweet and savory, creamy and spicy, thrilling and calming – all at the same time!”

As much of a custard fan as I am, I don’t believe I have ever encountered a cinnamon flavor mixed in.  It’s at this point that my curiosity may have gotten the best of me.  Sommore may have snuck her way into my tank and may not be able to let me go.  And…well…let’s just dive into it.

Packaging: Just like the other 50 Shades of Custard flavors, this has the logo with a kiss over the picture with the name, PG/VG, nic, social media, and website all listed below.  This picture is reminiscent of what I would picture a colorful Marilyn Monroe on a summer drive.  White blonde hair coupled with a pair of sunglasses and red lipstick.  Very subtle indeed.

Flavor: To those that have tried cinnamon vapes, you may be almost immediately turned off to this.  Several other cinnamon vapes come across as too hot or too spicy.  A red hot candy vape, if you will, as opposed to the spice itself. When mixed with the custard base, this has the impression of a cinnamon roll mixed with a custard glaze.  Cinnamon may have been a bad choice for me, as the weather seems to be taking it’s toll on me.  Yet this cinnamon wasn’t too harsh of a selection throughout the day.

Cloud Production: As always, the 70/30 blend has some pretty intense cloud production.  The cotton may have taken a slight beating as a result, but this seems to be the standard for any type of juice with this profile.  I can imagine it could have been much worse with any other brand with this type of flavor.

Bottle Size: 15ml bottle and 60ml unicorn bottle

Nicotine Strength: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg

Final Thoughts: While this definitely wouldn’t have been my first selection, I can see the great possibilities with mixing this with some of the other 50 Shades flavors.  In fact, I am eyeballing a Peach Cobbler mix suggestion right now…


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  1. Thank you for writing such good views especially on 50 Shades of custard it’s much appreciated this line is amazing and can’t wait to see the other reviews@

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