Juice Review: Rainbow Road from Vapetasia

It’s pretty safe to say that Vapetasia is one of the most popular brands on the market today.  The boys from Las Vegas have been creating new and unique flavors for a while now, including their Killer Kustard line and the Lemonade line.  This one however, called Rainbow Road…well let’s just see what the website lists as the flavor profile.

“All the familiar breakfast cereal flavors of citrus, berries and tangy fruit on inhale while on exhale the smoothest creamiest milk flavor possible!”

Packaging: The packaging may vary between bottle sizes, but this applies to the 100ml chubby unicorn.  The front of the box features a strawberry in a mining cart, travelling along a rainbow against a black background.  The top of the box features the Vapetasia logo, while the bottom of the box features the flavor name, bottle size, and nic strength.  The sides features other items along the “Rainbow Road”.  The very back of the box features warnings, poison control number, Ingredients, and social media links.

Flavor: Fruit Loops has been a flavor that a lot of companies have tried, and to some it may be an overly produced flavor (do I really need to describe how Fruit Loops tastes?)  But there are three things to bring to note on this one.

  1. There isn’t a massive amount of lemon to overwhelm your taste buds (unlike almost every other Fruit Loops flavor on the market today
  2. The milk base truly is the smoothest and creamiest I have tried yet.  It compliments the rest of the juice remarkably and really does make this one of the best cereal vapes I have tried

Cloud Production: …and 3.  The cotton stayed squeaky clean on this one.  I tried it in my RDTA Box and the cotton doesn’t show any tarnish after a full day of vaping.  Combine that with a 70/30 blend that boasts incredible cloud production and you’ve got yourself an incredible little bottle!

Bottle Size: I’m sure there are smaller sizes (60ml?) but this is available at most retailers in a 100ml Chubby Gorilla Bottle size

Nicotine Strength: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg

Final Thoughts: I think I said it pretty clearly above.  I usually am not overly impressed with Fruit Loops flavors due to the overwhelming nature like I mentioned before.  But this one pays attention to the one characteristic that a lot of companies have ignored, and that is the milk.  Well done, guys!

Check out the Vapetasia website for this and other awesome flavors from these guys!


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