Juice Review: Frankie Fatback from Five-0

I love it when a company takes a product and creates a character behind it.  You are no longer talking about a bottle of juice, but rather the personality behind it.  It gives an inanimate object a life of it’s own and makes it more identifiable.  The guys behind Five-0 Eliquid have made nice work of this by creating unique artwork behind a solid line of juice.

Take, for example, Frankie Fatback.  The website describes it as “Strawberry Milkshake – out on bail, a rich creamy strawberry milkshake whipped to perfection.”  Let’s see how it performs….

Packaging: The front of the bottle features a masked pig-criminal, complete with stripes and a gun tucked away in his pants.  The far left side features the Five-0 logo, while the far right shows warnings, ingredients, flavor profile, and even the nicotine strength in a shield type logo (nice touch!)

Flavor: I have tried this a few times before, and one thing that always seems to stand out to me is that it tastes less like a sweet strawberry milkshake, and more of a strawberry malt.  Less of a milkshake base, but countered with more of a strawberry syrup that you don’t usually find with a lot of milkshake flavors.  There’s less fresh fruit and more soft serve with this, which isn’t a bad thing!

Cloud Production: This has a solid 70/30 type consistency, with cloud production to boot.  Your cotton may not hold up very long on this, but when you’re dealing with bakery and dessert flavors, are you really concerned with keeping your cotton squeaky clean?

Bottle Size: 30ml, 60ml, 120ml

Nicotine Strength: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg

Final Thoughts: As much as people may argue about a cartoon design for a juice line, there are much worse things on the market.  This may not be the absolute top-notch strawberry milkshake, but it’s still pretty damn good to me!

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