Juice Review: White Chocolate Mocha from Nitro’s Cold Brew

Not to be one to turn down a coffee flavor, I thought I would jump right into this one.  Despite the obvious attention at Vape Showcase in Dallas as “World’s First Cold Brew”, the real MVP was this white chocolate mocha flavor.  It was so popular, it ended up winning “Best Beverage” award.  Not too shabby!!

Packaging: This bottle starts out the same as the others, with the Nitro’s Cold Brew Coffee logo with accent snow throughout.  The part that makes this stand out is the chocolate shavings with coffee beans sprinkled throughout.  Left side of the bottle shows warnings, PG percentage, and ingredients while the right side shows nic strength and Instagram handle.

Flavor: While this boasts the term “coffee” in the name, I didn’t pick up as much coffee with this.  I got a smooth chocolate flavor (I would assume the white chocolate was used as a creamier flavor other than the other chocolates out there).  The sweet chocolate mixed with the menthol flavor created almost a Nesquik type flavor, a cooling glass of chocolate milk.

Cloud Production: To me, this proves that the line is not a fluke when it comes to cloud production.  The menthol helps to open up the air passages and provide even better clouds than you would expect, even with this being an 80/20 blend.  It’s definitely not gentle on the coils, though.

Bottle Size: 120ml

Nicotine Strength: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg

Final Thoughts: Despite the lack of “coffee” in this, I still greatly enjoy what these guys have made.  If you want to check it out, click the banner below to check out this and several other awesome juices and items at VaporDNA.

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