Dollar E-Juice Club

Part of the focus over the past year or so is good tasting juice at a cheaper price.  I have seen several BOGO deals on 120mls and so-called “premium juice at a fair price” operations.  Then I got a message from The Dollar E-Juice Club.

Let me explain.

The reason this is called “The Dollar E-Juice Club” is because they offer an opportunity to try their juice for $5.  A five-pack of juice where you choose the flavors and nic strength, and they will send you those flavors in 5ml sample bottles.  You can also select multiple juices the purchase at one time to try.

The size ranges are pretty comparable as well.  5ml, 60ml, 120ml, 200ml (which the 200ml only costs $25).  Nic strength is 0mg, 3mg, 6mg.

The flavors I tried in my combo pack are as follows:

  • -Sweet Tobacco: A tart tobacco flavor with just enough of a throat kick.  Very well put together.
  • -Strawberry Cheesecake: Super sweet and super flavorful.  This has just enough of a cheesecake base to peak out from underneath the vibrant strawberry flavors.
  • -Blue Apple: I never thought about mixing blueberries and apples, but this just erupts with flavor.  Rich blueberries mixed with a sweet apple undertone.
  • -Blueberry Muffin: Same blueberry flavor as above, but with a sweeter muffin base.  One of my favorites.
  • -Chocolate Chip Cookie: This tasted just like a store bought chocolate chip cookie.  All this was missing was a huge glass of milk.

If you guys are interested, I can take a further look into more flavors.  If you decide to give this a go, be sure to tell them that CoffeeFuel sent you.

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