Juice Review: 100 Proof from Michigan Moonshine

I have been intrigued by the line at Michigan Moonshine for a while now.  The simplicity of the labels and flavor tends to stand out as a product that speaks for itself.  This one in particular really stood out to me, called 100 Proof.  The naming seemed odd to me, considering the flavor profile of “caramel, vanilla, and RY4”.  I was expecting something that would be borderline overly sweet.  That wasn’t the case….

Let me explain…

Packaging: As with the other Michigan Moonshine flavors, this is simply a black label with the “Moonshine” logo, flavor name, profile, PG/VG, nic strength, and bottle size all crammed into a neat little package at the very front.  The right hand side lists the Prop 65 warning.  Simple, right?

Flavor: I have been trying to figure out the best way to describe this flavor now for a few months.  What I can tell you is this.  Yes it smells like a sweetened vanilla ice cream with a little caramel drizzle on top…but the RY4 will sneak up on you.  This staple of a tobacco flavor provides a slight bit of a throat hit (not too strong) that is magnified by the sweeter flavors mentioned above.  Believe it or not, this hits all of the notes I would look for in a tobacco vape (the sweeter notes, the deeper base, throat hit, etc.)  It just seemed to make sense to fit in something called “100 Proof”

Cloud Production: 80/20 blend shows solid cloud production in both a dripper and a tank.  Combine this with the lack of added sweetener and you will get a solid performance for quite a while on this one.   Also note this is available in a 50/50 blend as well.

Bottle Size: 30ml unicorn, 60ml glass, 100ml unicorn

Nicotine Strength: 0mg, 1.5mg, 3mg, 6mg

Final Thoughts: Like I said earlier, simplicity is key on this.  Not going for fancy packaging or super colorful labels to grab your attention.  Michigan Moonshine just lets the flavor and their reputation speak for themselves…and I think you’ll agree too.

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