Juice Review: Havana from X2O Vapes

Almost immediately after getting off the plane, the overall warmth and comfort of summer started to dwindle.  Vape Showcase is done and now the weather is replaced with a rainy blanket of bitter and cold.  Yet, I wanted to try something with a little more pizzazz to liven up the mood.  Enter Havana, as part of the Chazer line at X2O Vapes.

Havana is simply described as “An exotic blue raspberry and strawberry mojito”.  As simple as the description is, that’s a lot to take in flavor-wise.  Let’s take a closer look at this…

Packaging: The front of this unicorn bottle displays a strawberry drink with a few mint leaves sprinkled on top.  The name “Chazer” is streamed across the top, with Havana and the nicotine strength displayed on the bottom.  Left side of the label shows all warnings and ingredients, while the right side simply shows social media icons and the X2O icon.

Flavor: I was a little reluctant to try a strawberry flavor due to my allergies.  From the second I started vaping this, the strawberry almost immediately mixed with the blue raspberry to create something that was both aromatic and flavorful.  The strawberry provided a sweeter note, while the blue raspberry had just enough tang to catch the back of your throat on the inhale.  The exhale provided just a little bit of mint to finish off this night cap.  To me, this tasted a lot like a strawberry daiquiri.

Cloud Production: This 70/30 blend produced a very impressive amount of clouds in a short amount of time.  Volume and density held together nice, and this didn’t wreck my cotton as much as I would have anticipated.

Bottle Size: 60ml and 100ml unicorn bottles

Nicotine Strength: 0mg, 3mg (there may be a 6mg as well, but the website doesn’t show it as currently available).

Final Thoughts: Even though the picture of the drink may not necessarily match my flavor experience to a T, I did enjoy this one.  Blue raspberry is such a bold flavor already, and X2O did a solid job of creating a blend with a couple other flavors that doesn’t feel like they are competing with one another.  Would I vape this again?  Absolutely!



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