Juice Review: Shammy Shake from Milkshake Liquids

Fall is starting to set in, but some people are already thinking ahead to spring.  Warmer climate, more sunlight, and…shamrock shakes??  McDonald’s has produced their Shamrock Shakes to a worldwide phenomenon success.  This vanilla ice cream and mint syrup mix has captivated the world almost as much as pumpkin pie flavored everything!

Milkshake Liquids has tried to replicate this into a vape that you can enjoy year-round.  The flavor is simply listed as “vanilla bean milkshake with a lick of mint”.

Packaging: The bright packaging is unmistakable, with a large drink cup with a straw against a green background.  The left side of the label lists all of the information you would need for that flavor (nic strength, PG/VG, bottle size) along with ingredients and warnings.  There is also a batch number at the bottom, but that was a little faded on my bottles.  The far right side shows nic strength also in a large logo, along with Facebook and Instagram icons.

Flavor: I think the thing most people expect with a flavor like this is an overwhelming sensation of mint, and that’s just not the case with this.  Shamrock Shakes have always been primarily a vanilla milkshake followed with the mint blended in.  While my RDA produced some pretty solid flavor, I had a very solid response out of my tank as well.  This felt like I was drinking a Shamrock Shake, especially with the hint of mint at the back of my throat on the inhale.  The mint really showed on the exhale, producing a nice crisp finish.

Cloud Production: This 70/30 blend has some pretty remarkable cloud performance.  The even more impressive feature was that this didn’t destroy my cotton immediately.  Over time, there was some definite gunking but it took a lot longer than expected.  Same great flavor from beginning to end.

Bottle Size: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg

Nicotine Strength: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg

Final Thoughts: Despite whatever your feelings are about the original shake, this blend is very well crafted.  The simple flavor design doesn’t try to overdo the milkshake taste and creates something that I would definitely go back to.  With being a former menthol smoker, this also helped greatly with those cravings.



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