Juice Review: Blueberries and Creme from Mimi’s French Toast

Breakfast vapes are usually limited to just cereal flavors.  For the more hardcore breakfast fans, though, there are other options available.  This is probably the second example I have found of “French Toast” flavors on the market today.  If you haven’t tried a french toast flavor before…well you might just be in for a treat.

Apollo Vapes simply describes this as: “Fluffy and delicious french toast stuffed with creme and smothered in blueberries”

Simple enough, right?

Packaging: The packaging along intrigued me.  This oversized carton closely resembles a bag of fresh bread from a bakery, complete with a faux paper bag fold and a seal with blue tape up top.  The backside of the carton shows ingredients, “What’s in the Box”, warnings, etc.   Inside the box is a 60ml filled bottle, and a 30ml unicorn bottle, both with the Mimi’s French Toast label.

Flavor: The aroma of this erupts with sweet blueberry flavor.  Obviously, you have to be a huge fan of blueberries to even consider trying this.  But again, if you have never tried french toast vapes this might surprise you.  That’s because the blueberry inhale has a slight bit of an underlying flavor in the exhale that closely resembles a bread, soaked in egg, and fried in a pan…a la French Toast.  The rich flavor notes in this are worth paying attention to.

Cloud Production: This 80/20 blend serves up a heaping amount of cloud production, but at the cost of your cotton.  Even with this sacrifice, the flavor still seemed to perform quite well in both a tank and a RDA.

Bottle Size: 60ml with a empty 30ml unicorn

Nicotine Strength: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg

Final Thoughts: Honesty, I liked the blueberry flavor in this one from the get-go.  While the french toast flavor wasn’t consistent, I think the overall performance was pretty tasty and quite enjoyable!  If you would like to give this a shot, click the link below!


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