Juice Review: Harmony from Sub-Element E-gel

Yes.  That says “E-gel”.  This might be a little off-putting, especially to vape enthusiasts.  “It’s not a gel” some of you may be saying, and you would be right.  However, the fine folks at Kind Juice have created something very unique to the vaping market.  A very high viscosity “e-gel” that is sugar free, GMO free, all natural, made in the USA product that boasts some very unique flavor profiles.  This gel is PG free, and made from organic ingredients.

But what does it taste like?  Does this taste different than everything else in the market?

Harmony is described as the following: “Take a walk through an English garden with a beautiful pear sorbet paired with roses, parma violets, and lavender.”

Packaging: The crystal blue bottle has the image of two swans meeting beaks to form a heart, with “Sub Element” listed below it.  The name of the flavor and nicotine strength are on the bottom.  The back lists ingredients, warnings, and a statement from Kind Juice on their mission to create a “unique vaping experience true to our artistic vision”.

Flavor: The aroma from the bottle is extremely fragrant, but isn’t so overbearing that I show any allergies to it.  The scent of lavender melds very well with the pear scent.  Taste wise, this has a super smooth pear sorbet flavor without being super tangy (like you would expect with a sorbet).  The interesting part to me was the use of flower extracts to add almost a “spice” to the vape.  This adds a lot of little notes that make this something very different from any other vape I have tried before.

Cloud Production: The reason this is it’s own line is because this particular line is designed for RDA/RDTA use.  The thicker viscosity sets apart from other e-liquids in both flavor and performance.  The lack of sweeteners shows that this relies strongly on the notes added to the VG.  All of this translates to cleaner cotton and coils.  This isn’t to say that your cotton will stay pearly white (it won’t), but I could continue through the whole vape without worrying about my cotton needing to be changed.  Cloud production is very full and very smooth.

Bottle Size: 30ml, 50ml

Nicotine Strength: 0mg, 1.5mg, 3mg, 6mg

Final Thoughts: While the flavor profile may not play specifically to my tastes, I do appreciate the unique ingredients and the overall experience.  I can honestly say that I have never tried anything that tasted quite like this, and I am very pleased with the results.  Make sure to check these guys out at KindJuice.com!

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