Juice Review: Four Winds from AVAIL Vapor

If you have been following my blog for a while, you know the story about AVAIL and how these guys helped me quit smoking once and for all.  I really hadn’t tried to visit the store as much since I discovered more complex flavors.  The selection at the time (a couple years ago) was very basic and appealed to the new vaper more than the seasoned ones.  However, this recent visit changed that approach pretty quickly.

One of the big things I noticed was the addition of new labels in addition to the flavors.  A recent partnership with Charlie’s Chalk Dust also helped to branch out the flavor profiles in their stores.  If you guys dig these articles, let me know and I’ll start taking a look at more that AVAIL currently has to offer.

One of the big things that caught my eye during this trip was called “Four Winds”.

“You won’t need a compass to find your way to this marshmallow crunch e-liquid. It’ll feel as if you were sitting fireside enjoying a camping treat.”

Packaging: The bottle starts out with a picture of a rooster weathervane atop a roof with an orange hue background.  The image is rather rustic and seems to fit the overall flavor profile, since nothing reminds me more of home than fresh baked Rice Krispie treats.  The right side of the bottle shows the bottle size and nic strength, while the left features a batch number, born on and best used dates, ingredients and warnings.

Flavor: So this closely resembles a lot of other Rice Krispie treats with the fresh baked taste.  However, this doesn’t seem to have as much added sweetener (which we will get to in a minute).  This gives off a much cleaner taste…

Cloud Production: …and much cleaner coils.  This isn’t to say that you coils won’t get gunked up.  It’s inherent that this particular type of flavor already comes with some sweetener in it (I mean it’s marshmallow…c’mon now).  But I didn’t feel the need to almost immediately change my cotton after a couple of hours (unlike other versions out there.)  The redish orange color also don’t seem to help the cotton situation out much either.  70/30 blend

Nicotine Strength: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg

Bottle Size: 15ml

Final Thoughts: Honestly, this is worth checking into if you like this type of flavor.  I wasn’t expecting totally clean cotton afterwards but I did seem to have a much cleaner taste that I would have liked just as much in the beginning as I do now.

Make sure you guys check out the shop at AVAIL and let them know you heard of them through my website.


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  1. Thank you for your review of Four Winds! It is one of my favorite bakery flavors out there as well. I love how clean Avail’s liquids are and I always get about 2 weeks life out of my coils when I vape Avail! It is definitely worth the visit!

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