Juice Review: Mothers Milk and Cookies

To anyone who has followed Suicide Bunny for a length of time, you know the legend of “Mother’s Milk”.  The flavor helped Scott quit smoking for good, and has helped countless others do the same.  So this begs the question…why mess with a good thing?

Well, August 8th put a crunch on a lot of companies to give it their best in one last shot.  Suicide Bunny decided to do the same with several flavors, including this one.  

Mother’s Milk and Cookies is a Limited Edition from Suicide Bunny featuring a twist on the flavor that changed the game, Mother’s Milk.  This is where we would normally introduce you to the flavor profile, but we can’t take all the fun out of the surprise.  We hope you enjoy!


Packaging: The front of the bottle features a very familiar image to fans of Suicide Bunny, and that is the same tattoo image on the original Mother’s Milk bottle.  There are a few alterations, including a little more skin tone.  The background is a red and green mixture with what looks like mistletoe as an accent.  The right side features the flavor name and nicotine strength, while the left side features warnings and ingredients.

Flavor – The mindset is this is Mother’s Milk with cookies added in.  Specifically a strawberries and cream with a little bit of sugar cookie mixed in.  The reality is that it’s so much more than that.  The strawberries and cream comes across as more of a Nesquik with a snickerdoodle.  There is some cinnamon sugar boost to the cookie, which gives a little more of a throat hit and less sweetness overload.  The flavors are subtle in nature, but give new life to an old favorite.  An RDA will give a stronger cookie flavor, while a tank will meld the two flavors together pretty nicely.

Cloud Production: This 80/20 blend has pretty decent cloud production, but doesn’t really linger around as much as a lot of other juices.  Some may love that, and it may be a deterent to some.  Cotton gunking was at a minimal.

Bottle Size: 30ml, 120ml (60ml available at Giant Vapes)

Nicotine Strength: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg

Final Thoughts: This gives a new life to two flavors that some may feel have been overdone.  The cookie base has a solid aromatic nature and gives a good exhale undertone, while the strawberries and cream has been perfected over the course of Suicide Bunny’s existence.  I think this is a pretty solid choice and should be given a shot if you are even remotely curious about it.

You can check out this incredible juice with many others at Giant Vapes.  Click the banner below to check out their huge selection, and support this website.  Use the code “GV10” to save 10% off your order!


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