MIXOLOGY 101: Overtime Strawberry Ice Cream/Strawberries and Cream

Some vape purists refuse to attempt mixing flavors.  These people change their cotton and coils with every flavor, and want to continue vaping one particular flavor until it’s all gone before moving to the next.

On occasion, though, you find an interesting blend in transitioning from one juice to another with the same wicking material.  Such is the case of this one.  Fans of Overtime E-Liquid have come up with a very tasty blend that combines two flavors.  BreakTime and Vacation Day

What you will need for this is one bottle each of BreakTime and Vacation Day, and a unicorn bottle (if you order from Detroit Rock Candy, just add a gorilla bottle for a buck or two).  If you have a 120ml chubby gorilla bottle, even better, but it’s going to take a little extra effort to make sure the flavors are blended properly.

I tried this at a 50/50 ratio between the two flavors.  At times I got a heavier vanilla with a slight strawberry undertone, and other times I got a punch of strawberry with a hint of vanilla.  At a 60/40 blend (heavier on the Breaktime), you will get more of a vanilla bean ice cream with bits of real strawberry.  Flip it to 60/40 with a generous side of Vacation Day and you will get more of a frozen strawberry with a heavy cream base.  Either way, it’s a fun experience to find what works best for you and your taste buds.

What are some other flavors you guys have blended together?  Leave them in the comments and who knows, maybe I’ll feature them in a future article!


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