Juice Review: Damn Good Coffee from Swizzle Stix

If it’s not painfully obvious, I am a bit of a coffee fan.  You might even say coffee snob, at least when it comes to vapes.  There have been a few different variations I have tried (and written about on this site), but for one to call itself “Damn Good Coffee” seems like a challenge.

Challenge accepted.

“Rich, robust, dark roast coffee, perfectly sweetened with brown sugar and Bavarian cream with just a hint of coconut. It’s literally the best coffee you’ll ever Vape. It’s damn good.”

Packaging: The packaging alone is supremely eye catching, with a foil finish on a red bottle with the image of a decorative elephant (Ganesh?) against a yellow sun.  The left side of the bottle has a few warnings, while the right side simply has the nicotine level in the lower right hand corner.  The words “Damn Good Coffee” in big bold letters sit below the Swizzle Stix logo.

Flavor: From the minute you open this, there is that suntan lotion type of smell that you get with a lot of coconut vapes.  There is a slight sweetness to it, where you can almost immediately place the brown sugar based off of the smell alone.  To some, this may be enticing or a complete turn-off.

When I tried this at first on my RDA, the experience was terrible.  Flavors were all over the place.  One minute the dark roast tasted extremely bitter, next minute I got a punch of sweetener (all the while I got the aroma of coconut but couldn’t quite taste it).  In a tank, though, the flavors come together a lot better.  Yes, this is a much darker (and possibly even more bitter) flavor than most coffee vapes but the coconut and brown sugar tend to cover that up pretty well.  If you like robust vapes, this is definitely for you.  However, if you are even remotely put off at the thought of coconut or brown sugar, this is probably not your cup of coffee…

Packaging: Cloud production on this 70/30 blend is pretty smooth.  Not too big, not too fluffy.  The cotton does take a beating, a lot like most coffee flavors.

Bottle Size: 30ml, 60ml

Nicotine Strength: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg

Check out the link here if you want to give this a shot.  Feel free to share with anyone who enjoys a coffee vape that’s slightly off center from what you would expect.

And until next time…vape on!

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