Confidential Files – BDO (Final Version???)

In great anticipation, this could very well be the final version of Overdraft from Broke Dick.  Check out the notes below and let me know what you think.

1. What’s your setup? – Smok Alien with a Tsunami RDA.  I decided to focus more on flavor than clouds this time, so I went with a single staggered fused clapton, 0.32 ohm build, resting at 40 watts

2.  Taste – This has a rich caramel inhale without being too sweet.  The exhale is a smooth blend of vanilla and tobacco.  This has an authentic southern tobacco flavor with a nice throat hit.  None of the flavors seem to overpower each other and seems to give the perfect balance that seemed difficult to achieve in previous verisons.

3.  Aroma – A burst of caramel with a little bit of vanilla cutting into it.  This doesn’t give any aroma of tobacco.

4.  Finish – The finish gave a good throat burn and completion like I had just finished a normal vape.  The tobacco flavor gave a good enough impression that I didn’t even realize I had been vaping zero nic the whole time…

5.  Cloud – Cloud production is incredible, nothing I would change on this.

6.  How do you think we can improve the flavor?  – I think this is difficult to tell until I try it with nicotine.  That might be the perfect “salt in the recipe” trick to make the flavors pop even more!

Click the banner below and keep an eye on the website!  Overdraft is coming out very soon, so you don’t want to miss that!



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