Juice Review: Peanut Butter and Jealous from Slam Cake Vapes

A lot of people ask me all the time where “CoffeeFuel” comes from.  For most of us who were smokers, we always had a cup of coffee in our hands or at some point enjoyed the combination of coffee and a cigarette during the day.  CoffeeFuel was my way of reminding that it’s still possible to enjoy the finer things and keep going, even without smoking being in my life.

There are other incredible combinations out there that just seem to fit together.  One of those is Peanut Butter and Jelly, which can be somewhat of a turnoff for people who haven’t explored the more complex vape flavors.  I know I tried to steer clear of PB&J vapes for a while, thinking that it can’t be good.

Here is the flavor description from Giant Vapes:

“You’ll be tempted to pack this in your lunch box.  Peanut Butter and Jealous starts with sweet, gooey strawberry jelly, then adds a healthy helping of rich peanut butter, creating the perfect eliquid sandwich”

Packaging: This chubby gorilla bottle has the words “Peanut Butter and Jealous” in a mix of brown and purple against a night sky of purple and a burst of light to the side, with the Slam Cake Vapes logo to the right.  Bottom of the label shows all relevant warnings, ingredients, poison control number, bottle size, and the like.

Flavor: The brown and purple dance on the label threw me off a little bit to this being a strawberry jelly flavor.  It’s not a bad thing, but it took my brain a few minutes to adjust to the subtle twist.  The good part about this is the even balance between peanut butter and jelly, where either one could easily overtake the other.  The jelly starts off pretty sweet but doesn’t cross that “overly sweet” line once the peanut butter exhale starts.  In the end, the peanut butter didn’t become too rich or overly acidic either.  Very well done!

Cloud Production: This 70/30 blend produces some pretty incredible cloud production, especially when compared to other juices with the same ratio.  There was a little bit of cotton gunking, but not enough to truly put the experience in jeopardy.

Bottle Size: 60ml, 100ml

Nicotine Strength: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg

The 100ml is available at the Slam Cake Vapes website, but if you want to check out this incredible juice with many others at Giant Vapes.  Click the banner below to check out their huge selection, and support this website.  Use the code “GV10” to save 10% off your order!



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