Juice Review: Spring Fling from VapeMoar

My job as a “reviewer” (or blogger, as I prefer to say) is to tell you guys about deals I find on the market and give you the honest truth behind it.  Does it perform like they say?  How does it taste?  And more importantly, is it worth it? 

VapeMoar is something I recently stumbled across, and their philosophy is two fold.  Make great juice, and make it damn affordable.  So it stands to reason that they offer small “tester” bottles at a reasonable price, then effing HUGE bottles at an even better price.

Spring Fling is the first one I decided to try, and here is the description behind it:

“Spring is Here! We’ve honored the season with a bright and airy citrus eliquid topped with sweet blueberries and pineapple. It’s a flavor that’s guaranteed not to overpower (many of you have asked for less powerful flavors), but that carries a flavor that’s perfectly married to the season. Spring Fling leads with a lemon minus the sour, and finishes with it too. Somewhere in the middle there’s a muddle of sweet berries and tropical that will keep your tastebuds just the right amount of happy. We’ve kept this flavor pretty neat, and while the flavor might not be the strongest, it’ll leave you with a cool lemon aftertaste you’ll love. 

On the other hand, it’s one of the biggest cloud producing E-Liquids we’ve ever seen, so get ready to fling some clouds, too…”

Packaging: The tester bottles are very unassuming, but there are two things that impressed me right away.  The bottles were securely wrapped entirely, and the quality of bottles was pretty high quality.  I don’t have the best grip first thing in the morning and I had a little trouble trying to squeeze out a few drops on my RDA.

The front of the bottle shows the logo with the quote “Big Bottles, Small Prices, Happy Vapers”.  The nic level and lot number are along the bottom.  Towards the right side of the label is the name of the juice, and all relevant warnings including Prop 65.  The left side of the bottle breaks down the price point, and ingredients.  One important point is the fact that they mention “You vape what’s in the bottle, not what’s on it”.  Some companies should probably pay attention to that…

Flavor: So we are looking at three flavors here.  Blueberry, pineapple, and lemon.  All three of these compliment each other very well.  The robustness of blueberry, the sweet of the pineapple, and the tart of the lemon.  Yes, they are right in the lemon not being sour.  However, there were a few times this tasted just like a ripe lemon. Then it started to meld into a fresh blueberry right off the bush.  Every once in a while it even had a slight taste of a fresh lemon mint leaf straight from the plant.  Either way, this is a very light and refreshing vape that doesn’t get too overwhelming even during warmer months.

Cloud Production:  The website lists this as a 60/40 blend.  Yes, I said I dripped a 60/40 blend.  And holy crap, this thing chucks some solid clouds!  There was some cotton coloring involved, and maybe with a bigger bottle it could have gotten worse.  However, the flavor maintained the entire time which was impressive.

Bottle Size: 18ml tester for $3, 132ml bottle for $20

Nicotine Strength: 0mg, 2mg, 4mg, 8mg, 16mg

Click the banner below if you want to check these guys out.  I will definitely tell you more as I try the flavors, as this kind of deal is not worth passing up!


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