Juice Review: Father’s Load from VanVal Vapor

I thought about writing on this back on Father’s Day for obvious reasons…however fate decided to play a different tune.  Not going to go into great detail but let’s just say it’s been a week.  Now that I’m back to it…

“A playful pun on another big name e-liquid; a sweet bakery blend with hints of hazelnut, a dash of tobacco, and a concoction of creams enveloped in vanilla custard makes this a legendary blend.

Editor’s Note: 

A couple of bold flavors had an orgy with cream and custard to create this bastard child of a flavor.”

Packaging: The VanVal logo against a grey background, and I’m sure the father would appreciate not being cast against a girly color.  The right side of the bottle shows the batch number and Max VG while the left side houses everything else (ingredients, warnings, etc.)

Flavor: At first, this one confused me greatly.  I had expected just a basic vanilla custard, as that’s all I could remember at the time for the product description.  It started out rather buttery with a hint of hazelnut cream underneath.  I put the bottle down for a few days and tried again.  The key note I kept taking away from this was the lack of sweetness that most other juices would combine with any of these flavors.  Peaks of hazelnut and tobacco do creep in from time to time.  It’s actually a pretty decent flavor, you just have to prepare yourself for a totally different experience than what has been presented otherwise with this flavor profile.

Cloud Production:  So this one, like all the others, is described as a Max VG.  And like the others, this presented a solid cloud production to back it up.  Even with a single coil build, this was chucking clouds pretty heavily.  The absence of sweetener proved to be beneficial in saving my cotton also.

Bottle Size

  • 17.5ml, ($3.49)
  • 65ml, ($8.99)
  • 125ml, ($15.99)
  • 210ml ($24.99)

Nicotine Strength0mg, 1.5mg, 3mg, 4.5mg, 6mg, 7.5mg, 9mg, 10.5mg, 12mg

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