Juice Review: Skrilla Vanilla from VanVal Vapor

I sat here the other day after writing this article, and thought “If this is has a little bit of vanilla mixed in to the base, I wonder what the full vanilla experience would be.”  So I grabbed this bottle and decided to give it a go.

“The ultimate concoction of decadence, this flavor is jam-packed with various vanillas and a unique combination of creams, creating a vanilla flavor comparable to that of a child’s very first bite of ice cream. In other words—Valhalla. 

Editor’s Note:

A near relative of Father’s Load and VanCal’s Titty Sprinkles.  This flavor is the “money shot” that keeps you from having babies.  In fact, this shit right here is the sprinkles on the titties.  This is the load from your father.  The cougars that you eat.  The sole force that keeps your wallet empty.  The flavor that tastes so good that you become it’s bitch and jump through hoops every second of every day, become financially worthless, and sacrifice your dignity just so you can please it, but more importantly, so you can have it. “

Packaging: This tiny bottle has a yellow background with a large circle featuring the VanVal Vapor logo.  Nic level at the top, batch number on the far right.  Bottle size and max VG along the bottom, with all warnings and ingredients on the far left.  Quite an unassuming bottle.

Flavor: …but the flavor came as quite a shock.  The vanilla came across as a mix of French Vanilla with the high notes and sweetness but without the annoying aromas that come with it.  Combine this with the vanilla bean without the minor throat burn at the tail end.  All in all this has all of your favorite parts of vanilla flavors without the bits that you don’t.  The part that got me is that it wasn’t too sweet, so it didn’t kill on the flavors.  I didn’t think you could get this much from a mix of vanilla but they pulled it off.

Cloud Production: Max VG (possibly 80/20??), this gave quite the impressive display of clouds throughout this tiny bottle.  Even more impressive is that the cotton appeared virtually unscathed by the bottle.  Not bad guys, not bad at all.

Bottle Size: 

  • 17.5ml, ($3.49)
  • 65ml, ($8.99)
  • 125ml, ($15.99)
  • 210ml ($24.99)

Nicotine Strength: 0mg, 1.5mg, 3mg, 4.5mg, 6mg, 7.5mg, 9mg, 10.5mg, 12mg

Check out VanVal Vapor for more incredible juice at a ridiculous price!

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